Ad Banner Marketing

As simple as placing a snippet of code on your web site where you want the banners to appear. Then our powerful ad servers do the rest by delivering your ads to your visitors.

Custom Sizes Any of your banners can be standard or custom sizes to fit your need.

Real Time Delivery All banners are delivered to any area of your web site in real time. Multiple banners can be delivered to the same area through automatic rotation as any new customer enterers a page or an existing customer navigates to another page.

Flexible targeting including GeoIP Target your site visitors with different banners specific to their state, city, zip or area code.

Banner Types Banners can be jpg, gif, png, html or even flash.

Stats You will receive a weekly report on the total number of impressions and clicks for each banner in your campaign.

Target URL’s Each banner can be targeted to any specific URL in your web site. HTML banners can have multiple links in the HTML itself to different areas of your site.

Time Limits You can set certain banners to run for a specific time periods or to run indefinitely.

Easy Fully Managed Program We take the worry out of running your individual banner ad campaign. You don’t need any servers since the program runs on our server and delivers the banners to any place on your web site so there is no maintenance on your part at all.